Community Engagement

Student Welfare

We recently heard a heart breaking story from a student experiencing severe hardship. After hearing this story we started to wonder if there are others out there struggling as well. When we started to search, we found many people experiencing the same hardship, each story just as heart breaking as the last. To prove that we are serious about upholding our Core Values, we started a Melbourne wide food drive, and began to distribute food, toiletries, even heaters to students that are in need of help. We would like to sincerely thank everyone that has donated so far, and continues to support us in our mission. If you would like to donate, or know anyone else that would like to donate, please Contact Us.

COVID-19 Crisis

It was an unexpected and world-wide crisis, but the COVID-19 pandemic hit International Students particularly hard. With business closing down, jobs became extremely difficult to find. EXCA were quick to respond to the increasing demand for help from the Student Community. A small team of volunteers shopped and packed food care packages tirelessly, and then delivered them to drop off points around Melbourne. EXCA is 100% committed to supporting our community at any time when help is needed.